Muscle Building

Muscle building has been something that a good number of men have taken to. There are several reasons like being short, lanky, weakling or just to impress the opposite sex. It is rare for obese or overweight men to do body building as their physical condition makes it difficult for them. Also, they may already have pre-existing medical conditions that body building is not advisable for them.

Mild steroids are best for newbies in muscle building because it develops muscle gradually. Furthermore, it has no estrogenic or androgenic side effects unlike potent anabolic steroids. Those who are new to muscle building should learn how to do an anavar cycle.

Simple cycle

For those who are just starting, it is suggested that initial dose of anavar should be between 50 to 100 mg. A doctor should be able to prescribe if it should be taken in divided doses. As for the length of time for continuous use, it should not be less than 6 weeks and not to exceed 10 weeks. The most ideal length of time to use anavar is between six to eight weeks as suggested by those who have undergone the simple cycle.

After using the preparation, always have complete blood tests and check blood pressure. During the use of the medication it will be wise to have blood pressure monitored as often as possible. No matter how mild a medication is, it always best to have physical checkups every now and then.


Newbies in body building should not be in a hurry to be a real big muscular hunk. There were some who were impatient and shifted to potent anabolic steroids. Many of them experienced side effects that caused health concerns. Worst of all is being advised by a physician to stop body building.